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What is a PDF pattern?

A PDF sewing pattern is a sewing pattern that is downloaded to your computer, then printed out on your home printer. Most Foofoo Threads patterns include 2 PDF files, the pattern pieces and the tutorial. Many PDF pattern users save ink and paper by reading the tutorial directly from a tablet, laptop or even cell phone, instead of printing. Pattern pieces must be printed, and are assembled by taping the pattern pages together as per the instructions in the tutorial. The pattern pieces can then be cut out as you would for a regular store bought pattern.

 How are PDF patterns different than store bought printed patterns?

PDF patterns are a bit different than most store bought patterns. In general PDF patterns often use "cutting charts" as opposed to actual pattern pieces for rectangular components. The reason for this is to save buyers the time and expense involved with printing, assembling, taping together and cutting out any more pages than are necessary to make the garment. For example, skirts, ruffles, and straps are usually cut from a cutting chart, with dimensions listed, as opposed to an actual pattern piece. Curved components are generally supplied as an actual pattern piece. Please note that some designs are made entirely from cutting charts and require no printed pattern pieces at all.
It is not necessary to own a rotary cutter and mat to cut the components, but many buyers find them quite convenient.
The instructions that are included with most PDF patterns are often a lot more detailed than they are for store bought patterns....many beginners have learned to sew from PDF patterns! All Foofoo Threads patterns contain plenty of color pictures and detailed instructions for each step. Even beginners can sew many Foofoo Threads patterns!

How do I print the pattern pieces?

Each tutorial should have a printing section where you will find detailed instructions for printing that particular pattern. All Foofoo Threads patterns should be printed using Adobe Reader (available for free online). Printer orientation should be set to "autoportrait/landscape" and page sizing should be set to print "actual size." If for some reason your printer will not print the pattern file, the first thing I recommend trying is re-downloading the file. If it still won't print, go to "advanced" in the Adobe Reader printing menu and click "print as image". This should solve the problem. If you need help printing your pattern, feel free to email me at

 What technical requirements are needed to use PDF patterns?

 You will need a computer with a current version of Adobe Reader (available for free online) in order to open and/or print the pattern files. You will need a printer (preferably color but can be printed in gray scale if necessary) to print out any pattern pieces, and the tutorial as well (if desired).

How will I receive my patterns after purchase?

After you've paid for your patterns, you should be directed to a download link where you can download the file(s). You can also download from the email confirmation you should receive after purchase. Please check your spam/junk folder if you can't find the email in your inbox. If you are having trouble accessing the patterns, please email me at

Do Foofoo Threads tutorials include fabric requirements and sizing information?

Yes, all Foofoo Threads patterns include fabric requirements as well as sizing information. You will also find a supply list as well as detailed instructions for printing, cutting your fabric and sewing the entire garment. In many cases altering instructions are also provided.

Can I sell the finished garment?

You are welcome to sell the finished garment that you create with Foofoo Threads patterns, as long as you sew it yourself and out of your home. In other words, no mass production please!

Can I share PDF patterns I've purchased?

Foofoo Threads patterns are copyright protected...sharing, copying, selling or distributing Foofoo Threads patterns/tutorials in whole or in part is expressly prohibited. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Does Foofoo Threads have a Facebook group?

Yes, feel free to join the Foofoo Threads Enthusiast group! Post pictures of your Foofoo Threads creations, get help with sewing, and learn new sewing tips:

Are seam allowances included in Foofoo Threads patterns?

Yes, all Foofoo Threads patterns include seam allowances. Seam allowances will be 3/8" unless otherwise specified.

I'm stuck! How can I get help with the sewing?

If you need help with sewing, feel free to email us at:  You can also get help through the Foofoo Threads Enthusiast Facebook Group. You will need to join the group before you can post: